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VisionKids believes that kids should enjoy the freedom to dream and dream big, and that through the lens of a camera, they can explore the world of endless possibilities from a new perspective – a new vision. With our innovative products empowered by state-of- the-art technologies, we are dedicated to unleashing children's imagination and creativity that helps them dream up a better future.

Founded by Japanese designer Nakaniida Miyuki, VisionKids is a start-up specialising in the production and distribution of digital cameras and engaging gadgets for kids. With a presence in Hong Kong and Tokyo, we have been inspiring children with a wide variety of fun educational products that help develop their core skills.  

Putting children at the center of everything we do, we pursue sustainable growth by adhering to three major principles:

1.     to develop creative, educational and engaging toys;
2.     to adopt stringent financial controls; 
3.     to listen to our customers and develop an effective feedback system for product improvement.

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