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Visionkids HappiPEN Ai Translation PEN

Visionkids HappiPEN Ai Translation PEN

SKU: JP1093
HK$799.00 Regular Price
HK$549.00Sale Price

HappiPEN is an all-in-one product that integrates image stitching, OCR, translation dictionary, and audio translation. The easy and quick of recongize and translate characters, words, and sentences, will leading a new way of learning. The palm-size design is suitable for kids to hold in one hand comfortly. Support wifi networking, scanning simultaneous interpretation, photo translation, etc., suitable for various scenarios such as study, office travel and so on.

  • Assist kids in learning languages by Real-time translation
  • 3.38”Ultra-wide IPS Touch Screen
  • Max 112 Languages in Audio, Photos & Scan Translation
  • Support Offline Translation


Display: 3.38" IPS
Memory: 1GB (internal memory) + 8GB Scan translation
TF card: up to 32GB
Standby: 15 days
Operation time: 8 hours (MAX)
Resolution: 640*480
Battery: 1200mAh
Charging: 5V/1A
Size: 149*33*14.5mm
Weight: 68g

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