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VisionKids HappiVIEW Ⅱ

VisionKids HappiVIEW Ⅱ

SKU: JP1047
  • [Switch to monoculars] Switch to monoculars for binoculars! !! Remove the lens barrel and insert it into the handle to make a monocular. You can observe nature the way your kids love!
  • [Suitable for gifts] Are you worried about presents for children? HappiView II is a perfect gift for your child! !! The set includes binoculars and monoculars to inspire children's curiosity!
  • [8x binoculars / monoculars] Binoculars / monoculars are 8x, so you can enjoy seeing distant objects. There is no need to focus, and you can use it immediately and never miss the timing you want to see. Great for live performances, nature observations, concerts and more! !! !!
  • [Convenient to carry & high quality] Weighing only 130g, it is very light, so your arms will not get tired even if you use it for a long time. It's palm-sized, so kids can easily carry it with them wherever they go. The HappiView II optical lens uses a high-precision optical lens to provide a comfortable view without impairing the eyesight of the eyes. With good light transmission and small chromatic aberration, you can experience the real world.
  • [Wide field of view] When looking at a landscape 1000m away, the width of the field of view can reach 125m. Scenes such as birdwatching, travel, concerts, nature observation, watching sports, opera, live performances apply.
  • [Practical ability up] Improve your child's scientific knowledge and improve their practical ability. Monoculars need to be assembled, so children can assemble their own monoculars and improve their practical skills. With a Japanese instruction manual, there is no need to worry about use or operation.
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