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myFirst CareBuds, all colors

myFirst CareBuds - True Wireless Stereo Earbuds For Children


Introducing myFirst CareBuds - earbuds designed specifically for kids! The myFirst CareBuds feature a maximum volume of 85db, ensuring that kids won't be able to turn up the volume to potentially harmful levels. They also come with various size eartips, ensuring a comfortable fit for kids of all ages.

But that's not all - myFirst CareBuds also have a unique feature that automatically switches them to transparency mode when the earbuds detect body movement. This is a crucial safety feature for kids, as it allows them to hear their surroundings while walking on the road or engaging in other activities.


Each Earbud

• Dimension: 19*19*36.65mm

• Net weight: 5g, 0.17oz

• Battery capacity: 45 mAh

• Battery life: 6 hours


Charging Case

• Dimension: 56*50*26mm

• Net weight: 45g, 1.60oz

• Battery capacity: 400 mAh

• Battery life: 25 hours

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